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by Extrapolater Travel Correspondent James Spears

My what a week it has been for Brittany! The internet is all aflutter over my photos of Brittany’s channel. This week marked my first visit to an area I had dreamed of seeing for so long, and I have whiled away many a chilly day since, dreaming of the hours I spent basking in the warm light of that previously unfamiliar place.

The well-traveled roads of Brittany

Tourists have recently grown weary of the hype surrounding Paris. They long for the more fulsome pleasures of Brest that Brittany has to offer. However, a smart traveler can take advantage of the latest discount packages and see it all in one weekend! Visitors who are daunted by the frequent begging that must be done while seeking lodging in Cannes now take a more hands-on approach to self-indulgence. A single evening in Paris allows plenty of time to meander up her famous boulevard and get a personal view of her oft-photographed architecture. But all that carousing can be exhausting, so what better way to unwind than with a long sightseeing tour of country locales?

All roads lead to Le Mans

First time visitors often make the mistake of calling it “The English Channel”. Anyone with ears to hear knows that Brittany is uncomfortable with the English language. Kevin, a longtime resident of Brittany who recently returned home, says that a linguist’s skills are appreciated, but are not required for full enjoyment of the area. I had shot through the channel tunnel on a previous visit, and I was surprised at how much wider the channel appeared from this vantage point.

A lightly-oiled baguette is a delicacy in this region

Don’t let crowds, fear of exotic diseases, or the expense stop you from seeing it for yourself. On my most recent visit, I gazed over the uncluttered vista of the Brittany channel while preparing a simple lunch. As I poured a dollop of olive oil on my baguette, I realized there was simply no place I’d rather be.

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