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This will be the role of a lifetime for Freddie Prinze, Jr. The amiable star of such teen-centric movies as “Summer Catch” and “Scooby Doo” has been tapped to play Iran’s controversial political leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a biopic scheduled to begin shooting in Spring 2007.

Photo: Separated at birth?

“The resemblance is uncanny” says Prinze’s publicist “That puckish twinkle in the eye, the dreamy smile, not to mention the interest in nuclear weapons technology as an avenue to international political legitimacy. Freddie was born to play this part!”

When asked how his previous acting experiences prepared him for such a challenging role, Prinze was quick to respond. “Ahmadinejad is a reformer. In She’s All That I played a character who initially had little respect for women, but by the final scene, I stood up for Rachael Leigh Cook despite the disapproval of my peers. President Ahmadinejad drew a lot of flack for announcing that Iranian women could attend public sporting events without being stoned to death. There are a lot of parallels.”

Prinze should be aided in his preparation by the steady hand of Producer/Director Nora Ephron, a veteran of the romantic comedy genre. “It isn’t quite When Mahmoud Met Sally…“, Ephron chuckled “but I don’t think I’m giving too much away when I say there will be a romantic subplot. Even a power-mad, holocaust-denying, Islamofascist oligarch needs the love of a good woman. Besides, both Freddie and Ahmadinejad look damn good in Armani – what woman could resist?”

Photo: This mix of ethnic features and devastating blue eyes is rare in Hollywood

The casting of Prinze’s love interest has been a difficult process. Actress Rena Sofer was offered the part, but returned only charred pieces of the script to Ephron with a hastily written note that allegedly read “I’m Jewish, dumbass”. Casting agents for the film have so far been stumped in their search for another actress who is “kind of ethnic — not too much, yet still young and hot”.

“It will be difficult” Ephron conceded “but I truly believe this is an important film that needs to be made. We can never truly understand our enemies until we begin to see them as human beings; people who struggle to be loved and often don’t see that their soulmate is right there in front of them, just waiting to be wooed through a series of artfully-photographed transition scenes and overwrought speeches.” The veteran moviemaker allowed herself a small private smile. “Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I think this film can really bring our two nations together.”

Shooting will begin in May 2007 under the temporary title “Chico and the Imam”.

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