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Power Out in Northwest… Sports Fans Don’t Mind

Seattle, Washington – Heavy storms in the Pacific Northwest have cut power to an estimated 1.5 million homes across Washington and Oregon. Sports fans in the area are taping plastic over their windows and cleaning up debris, but say they won’t mind a break from area sports teams.

“My only regret is that the storm didn’t hit until after the Seahawks-49ers game.” said King County resident Paul Jerman “After suffering through that, believe me, I’m ready for a relaxing weekend of replacing shingles and chopping up tree limbs. Getting swept by San Francisco has given me a lot of anger to put behind this broom.”

Basketball fans are equally relieved. With the NBA’s Supersonics and Trailblazers holding down the bottom of the Northwest Division and playing lackluster ball, hoop fanatics will get a respite from mediocrity as well.

“You don’t want to seem like a fair-weather fan,” said Jeanne Gonzalez, a stay-at-home mom from Portland “but I can’t afford to take the kids to the arena all season, so with the TV broken, I have a perfect excuse to get them involved in a more exciting and educational game, like helping mommy dupe the insurance adjuster”

Spokesmen for Puget Sound Electric cannot say for certain when the lights will come back on in the Seattle area, but one official who asked to remain anonymous offered a ray of hope. “With the Sonics playing on the road at Cleveland tonight, I think we can be fairly certain that we’ll be unable to complete repairs before Saturday morning at the earliest. I’m kind of bummed that we’ll miss a chance to see Bron-Bron play, but it’s not nearly as fun when he’s kicking ass against your hometown team”.

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