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I finally found what I needed to support my contention that the UNT One O’Clock Lab Band needs to go to the NCAAs – YouTube video. Sadly, the two eejit local morning-show hosts get more airtime than the band, but we get a snippet about 1 minute in, and then the band plays out for about 3 mins after the devastatingly moronic interview segment with the director. Here they are:


In fact, skip the Fred Willard and Katie Couric wannabees and watch this – it’s pure performance:


Actually, this second clip is the 3 O’Clock Band. So these are the guys who haven’t quite made the cut to be understudies to the 1 O’Clock Band. I’d take them, too, if the first two bands are busy.

See, they take up about as much room as a pep band, but swing roughly 1,000 times as hard.

Albert Pujols::Ichiro
Jazz Band::Pep Band

I have nothing against the pep band – they should be there. I just want the other band to go as well.

Let these guys know you’d like to see them at the NCAA Tournament

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popper.jpgBlues Traveler frontman and harmonica virtuoso John Popper was arrested near Spokane, Washington on Tuesday afternoon. Officers who stopped his SUV, which was blues traveling at over 100 mph, found four rifles and nine handguns in hidden compartments throughout the vehicle.

Popper is best known for writing and performing the single “Runaround”, which earned Blues Traveler a Grammy in 1996. In those days, his bandolier was filled with spare harmonicas instead of banana clips for his many automatic weapons.

When asked to speculate on why the singer was speeding near Gonzaga University with a cache of weapons, Popper’s musical associate DJ Logic said “1996 was a long time ago, cuz. While we’re working on this new joint, John gotta make ends meet somehow. You know, live the life to which he’s become accustomed. I ain’t gonna say what for, but let’s just say Josh Heytvelt owes The Popper some money, or some product, and John ain’t going home empty-handed.”

Heytvelt, the center for the Gonzaga basketball team, was arrested and charged with felony drug posession in late February. He has maintained that the psychedelic mushrooms were not his.

Popper had been rumored to be collaborating with former NFL prospect Maurice Clarett on a hardcore rap/harmonica duet titled “Getting My Goose On (You Said You Loved Me America)”, but production had to be put on hold due to the former Ohio State star’s incarceration.

Popper and his driver were released on their own recognizance. Speeding, posession of concealed weapons, and reckless driving are all misdemeanors in Washington state.

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duke_virginia_basketballsff-134×165.jpgMike White at Digital Headbutt is taking on a Herculean task this weekend. He’ll be live-blogging the entire ACC Men’s basketball tournament. He’ll be focusing on the top half of the bracket, where his beloved Tarheels reside, and those games will be featured on Tar Heel Mania.

I will say that he has done me the honor of asking me to handle the UVA games for him, which I eagerly accepted. I’ll start at 7pm Friday night as UVA takes on their Quarterfinal opponent. That opponent will be drawn from the winner of tonight’s Duke/NC State donnybrook. I’m looking forward to an excellent showing from Sean Singletary and J.R. Reynolds, though I’ll miss seeing that wall of orange from JPJ.

Anyway, if any of you want to drop by and zing me with your comments while you watch the game, I’d love to see you. Here’s the link.

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My quixotic internet petition drive to get the University of North Texas jazz band to accompany the basketball team to their first-round game is gathering steam moss. I’m up to 30 signatures, but I’m encouraged by the fact that the last few names are not people I know personally, so it must have circulated at least a little bit. What really needs to happen is that the 1:00 Lab Band needs to get ahold of it and sign it. Anyone know someone at UNT? Me either.

Anyway, I’m not giving up until the brackets come out:

Sign My Petition, or I Will Send A Mean Green Eagle to your Doorstep

Don’t make me write a “Who The Hell Are… The University of North Texas Mean Green Eagles” post. Because I like them and don’t want to jinx them. But I’ll do it, see if I wont.

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And now to use a little trick I learned from Brian at One More Dying Quail. When last he wrote for If I Ran…, he gave a teaser of the first paragraph of his article before linking to the other site. Sharp, very sharp. So now, I will do the same. Here is the first tantalizing taste of “If I Ran the Small College Tournaments”, by moi:

I’m going to be honest here. I only have one major change I want to make, but several reasons why I want to make it. I think all of the “Mid Majors”, which include several conferences that would have to be considered “Low Majors” should stop using pre-determined host sites for their conference tournaments. Instead, I favor the Highest Remaining Seed approach, in which high seeds host tournament games in their own gymnasiums, including the final game. Here’s why I think HRS should become the standard for the bracket-busters in waiting.

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