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This week, I’m going to attempt a bit of a cut-down. Matthew Whipps over at Minor Details kindly answered my email inquiring about who had already been sent to the minors for more seasoning, so I’m striking those players off of my list today.

I also strongly suspect that I am missing someone who deserves to be included, but the beauty of this system is that I can add someone halfway through the season if I want to – their compiled stats will still plug into the Similarity Scores concept and give us an accurate reading right away.

Here’s my current list, in alphabetical order. If your favorite prospect isn’t there, let me know.

Elvis Andrus – Atlanta
Jeff Baker – Colorado
Daric Barton – A’s
Emilio Bonifacio – Arizona
Jason Botts – Rangers
Ryan J. Braun – Brewers
Reid Brignac – Tampa Bay
Jay Bruce – Cincinnati
Travis Buck – A’s
Billy Butler – KC
Alexi Casilla – Minnesota
Kory Casto – Washington Nationals
Elijah Dukes – Tampa
Jacoby Ellsbury – Boston
Josh Fields – White Sox
Carlos Gonzalez – Arizona
Alex Gordon – KC
Chris Iannetta – Colorado
Akinori Iwamura – Tampa
Kevin Kouzmanoff – Cleveland
Andy LaRoche – Dodgers
Adam Lind – Toronto
James Loney – Dodgers
Evan Longoria – Tampa
Jeff Mathis – Angels
Cameron Maybin – Detroit
Andrew McCutchen – Pittsburgh
Miguel Montero – Arizona
Dustin Pedroia – Boston
Hunter Pence – Astros
Felix Pie – Cubs
Vinny Rottino – Brewers
Jarrod Saltalmacchia – Atlanta
Chris Snelling – Washington
Jose Tabata – Yankees
Troy Tulowitzki – Colorado
B.J. Upton – Tampa
Justin Upton – Arizona
Joey Votto – Cincinnati
Brandon Wood – Angels
Chris B. Young – Arizona
Delmon Young – Tampa

In addition, here’s a Baseball America feature article on our Citizenship Award winner, Cooper Brannan.

I’ve done ye olde “strike through” on anyone who was on Mr. Whipps’ Back to the Minors list.

I’d like to once again thank everyone who has helped me compile this list so far:

Mr. Thursday – Baseball is his true passion, and he is putting a lot of thought into rating young pitchers in the companion piece to this feature called GoodEnough For Me.

The GNUru – He recently re-designed his fantasy sports advice site. It’s quite nice, and he will happily answer your questions for the upcoming baseball season.

Matthew Whipps – Mr. Whipps is not only keeping us all abreast of the fates of our favorite rookies, but reading his column will no doubt keep me ahead of the game for next year’s feature. If you’re feeling informal, visit his personal site, The Diamond Cutter.

I’ve also leaned heavily on well-known sites like Baseball America and Top Prospect Alert.

Hopefully by next week we’ll have a pretty comprehensive list and be ready to start the season.

UPDATE: Babes Love Baseball are reporting that Cameron Maybin has been sent down by the Tigers. Zip, zip, zip. Off the list he goes. They also say strike Braun (bad D), and add Snelling, so I did. They rule my world.sappelhans from The Sports Scoop has not only reminded me to put Felix Pie back on the list, but in a recent survey he turned in for College Rule Notebook, he mentioned Brewers player Vinny Rottino. I checked him out, and he only got 14 at-bats in 2006, so I’m putting him on the list. So this wasn’t so much of a cut-down day as a Roster Adjustment day.

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