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There are no jokes in this post.  Like anyone who surfs the internet, I come across frequent stories of man’s inhumanity to man, and usually, to be honest, I feel a moment’s pang that the world sucks so hard and then I move on, happy that it’s not me.  But this week I read a post by Skeptical Brotha that helped expose a town that refuses to acknowledge that we live in the 21st century.  In fact, from the sound of things, the 19th is much more their speed.

Read this article about Shaquanda Cotton.  If the story infuriates you as much as it did me, use the link provided to send a letter to the Governor of Texas.  Even if the racial overtones don’t concern you, the abuse of judicial power in the case of a 14-year-old girl guilty of only a minor infraction will.  It upsets me as a parent, and as a citizen.

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notebook_paperheader.JPGI started a new blog a few weeks ago called College Rule Notebook. The site is the realization of an idea I’ve had in my head for years – it’s a place where the unique aspects of the college experience can be told by people who lived through it. I saw it as a place where we could answer the question “what the hell is a Buckeye?” and “What’s that annoying song the Oklahoma band plays?”. Originally, my concept was to research these things myself, and possibly interview people who could answer my questions.

Fortunately, I finally realized that a school should be bragged on only by someone who went there. I found a site that hooked me up with a free online survey program, and passed it around to all of my blogger friends. The first entry came from Eric Race of Appalachian State U., who was kind enough to help me out even though I may have jinxed his school’s tourney chances. Since then, many bloggers and friends of mine have contributed fantastic information on their alma maters, and I have enjoyed reading about the unique and odd practices that only insiders know about. I hope some of you have, too.

The blog has been helped quite a bit by the WordPress juice. When readers went searching for the straight dope on their opponents in the NCAA tournament, many of them found their way to College Rule. The guys from 3manlift.com wrote a love letter to Indiana U. and posted it on IU sites. As a result, that post is easily the most viewed to date. However, the author of The Feed is gaining steadily with his post from another Big 10 school – Michigan. Want to know why? He mentioned Lucy Liu as a famous alum. Every day, roughly 30-40 people come to the site seeking images of Ms. Liu in various states of undress. I hope they are not too disappointed. Maybe it will do them good to learn a little bit about Gerald Ford while they’re there.

Anyway, I recently decided to throw out a call for submissions, knowing that my fellow bloggers were as addicted to the writing process as I am. They have not disappointed. I already have several great suggestions for future feature articles. However, the prize for being first goes to Ted Bauer of A Price Above Bip Roberts. He contributed an excellent essay on the ways in which a very diverse (even international) student body is drawn together under the banner of Georgetown Hoops. Read and enjoy the piece, and then check out the “Submissions” tab at the top of the page. I’d love to hear from you, too.

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