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AA 24/7

aa_logo.jpgSome of you may have noticed that Awful Announcing frequently rolls up the carpets on the weekends.  Like any blog that’s a one man show (like this one) Brian needs time to recharge his creative batteries after the mega-posting he does during the week (unlike this one).  Following our success with the Liveblogapocalypse, covering the frantic first days of the tournament, Brian decided the Channel Four News Team would be allowed to run the site on the weekend, following our usual mantra of “Whatever you can, and want to, cover”.

OMDQ took on the mighty task of running the weekend content in general, and has done his usual stellar job of keeping the content flowing.  I took a more one-note approach of covering the newspaper columnists as a weekend feature.  Since we’ve all seen writers shoving their way into the cable television punditry wars, this is a topic of some interest to an announcing critic.

Anyway, please drop by AA and check out the work OMDQ and I are doing.  My new feature is called “The Press Buffet”, and the inaugural posts focus on what has been written about Final Four teams by their hometown newspapers.  Most excited=Columbus Dispatch.  Least excited=Gainesville Sun.  No surprise there, I guess.

So, drop by and leave your comments!  Brian and I will see you at the all-night drive-thru.

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