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All this talk about Christian Okoye has really made me miss the guy. I grew up in KC and was in High School/College when Christian was doing his thing. Of course, I can’t find any postable video of the Nigerian Nightmare in action, because the NFL is hoarding it for a very special NFL Network program to be named later.

And now Christian’s going to be a pirate. You know I’m watching this show.

However, someone posted a two-full-minute TD run by TECMO Okoye that is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. You can have your zig-zagging Bo Jax, I’ll take the human road grader:

The really odd thing about this video is the play-calling section.  It shows Barry Word as the primary back on a sweep play off right tackle.  In those days, KC was the epicenter of classic Martyball, with two huge backs over 200lbs.  They didn’t start running sweeps until they drafted Harvey Williams out of LSU in  ’91.  And look how that worked out.


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Chain Link Fence


I’m going to hit up a few non-sports sites today along with my usual – there are some blogs I read that are fantastic without being about sports (can you believe it?), and I’ll share them along with the other stuff:

There are few things that are a guaranteed laugh for me, but Darwin Exception’s Stupid People In the News segments give at least one howler per article.

“But you don’t understand, Commissioner Goodell – My dad thinks I’m a sure thing!”

Sometimes I think Skeptical Brotha is a bit hard on Barack Obama, but talking MySpace into ganking some guy out of his Obama-worship page instead of paying him for it is pretty bad. Skep is also decent enough to post the campaign’s side of the story as well.

I love this story about Cole Hamels and his possible calming rituals.

What the hell is Okajima looking at?

After being extremely creeped out by search terms like Handy Manny Porn, you can’t imagine my relief to read this article and realize that it’s only half as bad as I thought.

Jack Cobra tells us how the Bulls beat the defending NBA champs.

And finally, if Ding Long is my Kicker, I want this guy as my Long Snapper. He’s clearly done the most with the least amount of natural talent ever, both on the field and in the boudoir.

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