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I’ve read so many fascinating and amusing stories today, it was time to share:

Football in Alaska is getting a helping hand from the lower 48.

Where did all of Kelvin Sampson’s five-star recruits go when he left Oklahoma?

An Englishman in Chicago tries out the MLS.

By the way, that whole sock thing was true, but Curt Schilling lied about a whole bunch of other stuff.

I’ve always dreamed of attending the College World Series. The College Baseball Blog says there may be a new stadium soon, but it’s still going to be in Omaha.

I can’t wait to see who’s going to end up with the Asheville Tourists! Or back in college!

Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers. Game, set, match, buddy.

Brad Penny struck out 14 batters with his fly down – it is so appropriate that this guy is on my Fantasy team. Even when he wins he loses.

Why is The Sporting News pretending that Dennis Erickson is still relevant?

Proving that they are truly freaky, the Ladies… have invited me and a bunch of other parental-sublevel-dwellers to participate in a hottness bracket. I am so winning this thing.


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Check out the news from USA Today columnist Michael Hiestand:

What’s new: EA Sports, through a deal with The Weather Channel, will have users play the NCAA Football 08 video game in actual real-life weather — at that moment — at the real game site. It’s about time.

I guess I can handle the constant rain at a Washington Huskies Game, and the mugginess of a late-September game in Georgia, but I am in no way excited about the forecast of partly cloudy with 90% chance of pee-pee showers in Florida, or the haze of tear gas over the Colorado/Colorado State game.


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