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wilt100000.pngUsually I try to convince myself that I don’t care whether my blog is popular or not, but let’s face it, if you blog, odds are you have at least a bit of your ego tied up in it. However, when Mike from Digital Headbutt reminded me that I had just reached 100,000 hits on this rickety old bucket, I was genuinely humbled.

Obvious thanks to Deadspin for gift-wrapping and delivering the majority of those hits, but even more thanks to those of you who stuck around after the rush was over and continued to give me a raison d’ecrite (my high school French is a bit rusty – I hope I didn’t just thank you for giving me a reason to excrete). Anyway, it’s a real pleasure turning over rocks for you and visiting your blogs and seeing you around here in return. It really has felt like a community of sports bloggerdom, and I’ve had fun getting here. I’ve especially enjoyed some of the group efforts turned in by the much hotter bloggers who have joined me from time to time (see sidebar), and those who have let me drop by and do donuts on their lawn in return (Digital Headbutt, Awful Announcing, Loser With Socks, Sports Gone South, If I Ran, etc).

Now, I expect us to get to 200,000 before next Christmas, so Ted Bauer’s “What We Learned” had better be pretty damn good this week. If that fails, it’s all LOLcats, all the time, you ingrates. I know where my Meow Mix is buttered.


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