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Linky Dinks

shrinkydinks.jpgThe big story today is the one-year anniversary of Awful Announcing. The best part is, Mr. Thick Skin had the great idea to let us roast him in celebration, and his girlfriend gets the first shot in. Tune in for more throughout the day.  UPDATE: The roast is on, and all I can say is ho-lee crap.

Jack Cobra is exhorting on his fellow Bulls fans. As a Kansas grad, I’ve been on the Kirk Hinrich bandwagon for a long time.

Want to know where to find all of the directional/hyphenated midwestern mid-majors next year? Weep not for the Mid-Continent Conference, for we have the Summit League now.

I don’t like the Yankees, but I do like SportsGirl365. She’s started the new blog Strike Zones and End Zones this week, and devoted one early post to everyone’s least-favorite bleacher bum: Really Long Heckle Guy.

When your athletic department sucks so bad that they have to borrow money from academics, is it time to pull the plug?

OMDQ gets out the measuring tape to assemble his “How’s The Weather Up There?” MLB All-Stars.

Dallas players didn’t like Bill Parcells. T.O. grabs the headlines, but Julius Jones gives us the substance of the complaints.

Texas Gal gets a major reaction out of Jonathan Papelbon in Fenway.

You gotta be a bad MF to make it in Saskatoon, baby.

And you have to drive like Mad Max to make it in Miami.

Finally, I get an answer to my question from college basketball season: Who The Hell Are Wright State?  They’re these guys.


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