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Yi Jianlian – “Een Joor Face!”

When I look at the list of potential NBA draftees, I see mostly U.S. college kids for the first time in forever, it seems. This is obviously due to the age restriction, but there is a surprising lack of overseas talent in the top tier as well. The only name that sticks out is Yi Jianlian, the Chinese big man with the quick step and a body like a willow wand. I dug up a YouTube video that pretty much shows the pluses and minuses of Yi’s NBA game, as he faced up against Pau Gasol in a Spain/China international match.

My favorite, absolute favorite part of this video is the Spanish announcer blurting “Een joor face!” in phonetic English after Pau knocks Yi a Chinese guy to the floor through sheer force of beard.

And, in the unlikely event that you are unfamiliar with Chinese hip-hop, here is a Nike commercial that demonstrates Yi’s flava.

I guess, seeing Yi’s quick step (for a big man), that he could cause some interesting matchup problems, but he sure doesn’t look like a force of any kind in the paint.

Watch David Stern manipulate and display his balls tonight at 7:30 on ESPN. Or, you can play with your own balls with Chad Forde’s draft machine. Or you could read Bill Simmons telling you who “deserves” one of the top players (hint: they wear green).

Or, you can just walk around the office shouting “Een joor face, mang!” all day. That’s what I plan to do.


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