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  1. Hockey – This sport has engineered its own irrelevance. If you have always been a die-hard fan, of course you should blog it. But don’t cover it just because it’s on TV, because you don’t have to. The 15 people who care are already watching the games.
  2. Keyshawn to ESPN – Please, this was a no-brainer. If someone had called me the minute Keyshawn retired and asked me what he would do next, I would have said “he’ll join some sports show as the resident mushmouth idiot”. No shit, Nostradamus.
  3. Preseason NCAA rankings – Let me get this straight. Some publication is arranging the obvious top-25 programs in a list before a down is played. And you’re going to second-guess their guesses by re-arranging the obvious top-25 programs with your alma mater closer to the top. I miss college football, too, but preseason lists are meaningless, and I’d rather hear a blogger expound upon that than give them legitimacy.
  4. Bill Simmons is a homer – Of course he is. He always has been. In case you missed it, being a homer is what made him a star. We all cackle with glee as we await his column bemoaning the Celtics’ draft luck, but would you be so eager to read it if you knew he was going to write the same dry-as-toast, off-the-rack, more-things-with-hyphens-that-nobody-likes column that any other ESPN hack can turn in? No. The guy’s got our number, but we think we’ve got his. It’s funny. You should laugh.
  5. Is Brady Quinn Gay? – I have made it a point never to care about anything Brady Quinn does. I didn’t care when there was a recruiting war for his services. I didn’t care where he would end up on the depth chart at Notre Dame. I didn’t care if he flopsweatted away his perfect hairdo as he plummeted in the draft. And I don’t care if he likes to have sex with other grown men. Now, if he cares what we think of him, he should definitely look out for digital cameras when he’s out on the town. But otherwise, it’s just a cheap shot.
  6. Bonus – You should also never, ever care about some dude’s top five list. If you do, you might as well be taking the quizzes in Cosmo.

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Moderately Cerebral Bias is one of my daily stops as I wheel around the internets. And MCBias is one of the most rational, and yet amusing voices out there. Witness his attempt to get the Ladies… to hurry up and post the Hot Blogger Brackets already.


I actually have him as a dark horse (or dark bar) candidate to pull a few upsets. If you want to see the pic I submitted it can be found here.  Just kidding, that’s actually Jamie Mottram.

I might as well put out a links post while I’m here. I won’t get to work on a real post until later.

Pyle of List has interviewed Lady Andrea. And yes, I probably will link to every one of these, because I like getting to know the people behind my favorite sites.

Hilarious prank question gets a serious response from the Big Ten Network.

Is the U. of Arkansas throwing in with Tyson to get juicier, meatier breasts on their players?

The College Baseball Blog is keeping us updated on Conference Tournament scores.  I follow the ACC, but there’s lots more once you get there.

Sarah at Strike Zones and End Zones continues her look at “that fan”, trying not to notice that you can see the hoo-ha on Wears Stilettos to a Game Girl.

Over at the Starting Five, a deconstruction of LeBron’s failure to play like a franchise star.


This is what I love about Marco – he goes places.  Like, he puts on pants and leaves his parents’ basement and meets people in public.  He’s a blogger role model.

Someone always has to compound the misery of a tragic event by filing a lawsuit.

If you put John Daly on Dancing With the Stars, I guarantee I’d finally tune in.

Paul at Mr. Thursday’s Curious Mechanism will help you tune up your pirate skeelz in time for Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

Uh oh – stiff competition for SportsCenter.  I especially like that one kid is wearing a wife beater t-shirt.  Is he supposed to be Jim Lampley?

And, finally – maybe kids aren’t buying baseball cards because they suck now.  When something is intentionally made to be a “collectible”, it loses all value, in my humble opinion.

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