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This Just In, Lebron Has Serious Game…

Honestly, how ridiculous was Michael Jordan Lebron James’ performance last night in the Cavs double-overtime victory against the Detroit Pistons? Sorry, rhetorical question. 48 points, including the last 25 of the game for Cleveland, clutch shot after clutch shot, and a ridiculously ripe pimple on his chin in the post game interview with Craig Sager.

For about a decade now we’ve recycled one ‘next Jordan’ after another, and to no avail. Well, guess what? Lebron isn’t the next Jordan either. Instead, he is the original King James. Where are the naysayers now? This kid does things on the basketball court that no one else can do. He is a hybrid of Michael and Magic, with a certain moxy all his own. He is exciting, unselfish and relentless with a basketball in his hand. Oh yeah, and is he ever gonna look great in a New York Knicks uniform in about two years.

Now I understand that Cleveland was in the exact same situation last season against the Pistons, but I have a funny feeling that the extra year of experience will make all the difference this year. If anything last season’s loss at home in game six should have them ready for the game Saturday night. The moral of the story is that anytime I am writing about the NBA playoffs, something earth shattering must be going on. Well, Lebron seems to have the basketball world in the palm of his hands, and that’s what’s shakin…

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