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The Skinny on Kevin Durant

For anyone who has come late to the party and is astonished to learn that Kevin Durant is an ectomorph, fear not, there is some evidence that this kind of player can succeed at the next level:

The kid can play. End of story.


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In Praise of the California Flake

Looking through the playoff rosters for the NBA finals, I was pleased to see a strong cadre of players from my alma mater, Kansas. And it caused me to think back on the fact that the likes of Drew Gooden and Scot Pollard must have felt really, really out of place when they came from easygoing California to conservative Kansas.

Scot played it to the hilt, though, which I always appreciated. He bleached his hair, grew his sideburns and painted his fingernails and just generally didn’t seem to much care what people thought of him. He’s still one of the more gregarious and entertaining players in the NBA, despite being nothing more than a tall body off the bench these days. Most of his best antics come to us from his time in Indiana with the Pacers:

Scot(t?) tours the Pacers’ front offices

Scot busts on Reggie Miller for 4 1/2 minutes, but Reggie buries him with a flurry of shots at the end. Sound familiar?

And who could ever forget:

As someone else who slings “clever” one-liners more often than is truly necessary, I can’t really rag Scot for that one. It was funny on one level, and yet really ill-concieved.

Drew hasn’t said much of interest on TV, sadly. But his ducktail has brought him plenty of attention:

His mother is from Finland, which probably has nothing to do with it, but it’s still interesting. He also loves Casio dork watches, as reported in SLAM:

Gooden is on a big 1980s kick, a current fad in his hometown of Oakland. The Cavs forward recently plunked down $300 on eBay to get a vintage Casio calculator watch.

Gooden, however, was a little upset he had to get into a bidding war for the watch. Apparently he’s run into another trend, as fans of NBC’s The Office are in the market because one is sported by favorite nerdy character Dwight Schrute.

The Spurs have L.A. native and former Jayhawk Jacque Vaughn backing up Tony Parker. Jacque, however, is not overtly flaky, and was known for being a serious student in college. Sadly, he is now known mostly for this:

I swear, he was really good at Kansas.

Anyway, I like the free spirits. If every one of these guys conformed, the league, not to mention the world at large, would be a dull place.

Wow, a youtube-only post. I feel so dirty.

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Links! Buy me a Coke.

OK, I promise I’m actually going to write something today, but while I page slowly through my feed reader, I keep getting big laughs or thoughtful moments out of my various blogging friends, so there has to be a links post first.

At left, you’ll see this week’s winner for “trying to stifle my laughter while I’m at work”. It’s the ultimate “that guy” moment when you barge in on someone’s wedding photo. Either that, or Brian really has fulfilled all of her dreams, and is a very understanding gent. Read more at The Darwin Exception.

My NBA Finals prediction is already in big, big trouble.

I’m getting mud-stomped by the ever-gracious Monday Morning Punter in the hot blogger bracket, which I can live with. But that means the 2007 Beard-off will never occur between One More Dying Quail and I. After reading his submission, I’ll tell you what… MMP can have him. My News Team compadre is going to be very tough to beat.

After Virginia stumbled their way out of the Charlottesville Regional again, I can’t be bothered to post the new sites for the College World Series Super Regionals. But The College Baseball Blog can.

We got a new profile over at College Rule Notebook – read up on Ole Miss!

What do bloggers do that mainstream media don’t? Apologize when they’re wrong. Very stand-up for both S2N and Leave the Man Alone.

And, finally, I just love knowing that there’s someone out there who thinks like this. Unless it really happened that way. In which case, I’d like to say how sorry I am and can I be your agent. Jerry Springer, here we come.

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I wanted to share this image made by my old college buddy Curt. He is a world traveler, business owner, and still finds time to educate the next generation by teaching school. And he makes pro-bono photoshops for the oppressed. This is a good one, Curt!

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