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“You know how I know you’re gay? You watch old clips of Horse Racing on YouTube and get teary eyed.”

I don’t know exactly what is going on, but I am absolutely obsessed with this clip of the 1973 Belmont Stakes that I found on YouTube this weekend. My brother was at Belmont yesterday, so I payed pretty close attention to the race. It was a surprisingly exciting race and as most of you already know, Rags to Riches became the first Filly to win the final leg of the Triple Crown in over a century.

Back to my obsession with Secretariat. There is something genuinely amazing about seeing this incredible animal run away from the pack like he does. His dominance in that race is the reason that most horse racing fans consider Secretariat to be the greatest race horse of all time. Does it make me any less of a man because I am enthralled by the video of the race over the Rudy theme music? Am I getting a bit too emotional over a race that happened over 30 years ago? Probably, but know what? I’m OK with that…

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