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chris_gatling.jpgOK, in my defense, Ted did say “most influential”, not “most effective” or “most memorable”. So my guest post on A Price Above Bip Roberts is about Chris Gatling, who was definitely influential in his ability to “make the salaries match” in big trades, and act as a “deadbeat dad” when it came time to live up to his parental responsibilities.

Read more about Chris here.

And, with that, I might as well launch another links post, because all the other bloggers in the world are writing good stuff:

Following the Big Bang, blogging began. The platypus “Evolution” post is teh lolrz.

I had no idea that Sting enjoys American football.

I also had no idea that One More Dying Quail loves pro “wrestling”. Regardless of my feelings about the sport, I am shocked and dismayed by the Chris Benoit story.

In case you ever wondered, this kind of shit is why I hate Bill Romanowski with a passion.

What the hell ever happend to Freddy Adu? Are we ever going to see him in red, white and blue? (That rhymed)

The final College baseball rankings are out. Guess which teams came in #1 and #2?

If NBA franchises could pick bloggers like they do players? I’d still be an undrafted free agent.

S2N tells us what it takes to be a great closer. There’s a lot to it!

Well, that’s it. He closed this post out, so he must know what he’s talking about.


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