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I drove up to Philadelphia on Friday the 23rd to meet some blog-buddies and take in the Philly Classic basketball tournament.

Read my ode to the Palestra and the good times at Storming the Floor.

And now, back to my super-Turkey sandwich. One of many to come.


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Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Found on Storming the Floor

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via EDSBS and Pete Jayhawk

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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philmartelli.jpgYou may wonder where I’ve been recently. Or, you may click over to my page for three seconds, see nothing new, and go on about your day without a hitch.

Either way, I am still writing, so I’ll just show you where, and you can go there if you wish. Marco has graciously invited me to be heavily involved in his new college basketball blog called Storming the Floor. College Hoops is my favorite sport in the whole wide world, so I accepted. He and I are hard at work on preseason team and conference previews:

The Big 12


#29 St. Joseph’s

#30 Clemson

In addition, we’re signing up a stellar crew of conference correspondents, so get in touch with Marco at stormingthefloor@gmail.com if you are a Big 10 or Big East aficionado

I’m also still writing the Cupcake Report for Losers With Socks. We’ve added Notre Dame to the permanent cake list for this season, so that gives ample fodder for debate:

The Cupcake Report: Can We Go Back to September?

That’s it for right now, but if inspiration strikes, perhaps I’ll post later this afternoon.

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College Basketball is my favorite sport to watch on TV without exception. I’ve started to think bball thoughts as my favorite bloggers have begun to ratchet up their coverage, so I’m going to give you a troika of pieces you should read to whet your appetite:

MCBias interviews WNBA player Erin Buescher. Part onePart two.

Marco at Storming the Floor says students at Davidson are camping out for tickets this year. And they should be.

The CAA: Life as a Mid-Major is running a new collaborative feature that includes moi and some other mid-major-heads. In this edition, we re-write the first CAA poll.

Man, I can’t wait…

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