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Confession time – I’ve never been a very big fan of heavy metal vocals. They too often sound strained and screechy to me. But Heart is another story entirely. Ann Wilson has a big voice, and it never sounds like she’s forcing out a high note. It’s just full and natural, and it always hits me in a vital spot. You know what I’m talkin’ about, fellas.

Since I’m using YouTube to illustrate my choices, I often have little to pick from. In this case, I had fuzzy late-70’s video where Ann is singing completely without backup, or pouffy 80’s videos with way too much synth in them.

I finally settled on this nice clip, in which Nancy is still mostly just shredding, but adds her voice at strategic moments to sweeten an already impressive note. I imagine hearing it live, the whole place would vibrate like a tuning fork. Amazing stuff.

We’ll probably go back to the soul arena next week, but until then, rock on, and be excellent to each other.


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