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Another off-the-beaten-path choice for the feature this week.

Up front, I have to say – I love the Pixies. They were my favorite band in college, and they still hold up today. Black Francis is a guitar god, Kim Deal is his perfect alter-ego, and Joey Santiago and Dave Lovering are crucial to that fantastic mixture of genres that nobody has ever attempted aside from this band.

I added two clips here, to show the different ways that Kim Deal added the perfect touch to a tune:

Where is My Mind?

Without that high-pitched keening sound in the background, this is still a good song, but that backing vocal makes it impossible to ignore – the aggression is cut by that lost wail. Fan-damn-tastic song.


This one turns the tables, as Kim sings lead and BF adds his voice to the chorus. Not really a great moment in backup singing, I guess, but Kim sure was cute in it, eh?

There are so many examples of interesting backing vocals in Pixies tunes. Build yer own.

Happy Thanksgiving. I don’t know how to carve a turkey properly, so “Gouge Away” is sort of my theme song on the 22nd.


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