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If you’ve been following SLP all season (and I know you have), then you know Kevin Kouzmanoff and Troy Tulowitzki. In addition to having alliterative names which are delightful reminders of our nation’s open-door immigration policy, these two will be crucial parts of a one-game playoff on TBS tonight, as the Padres come into Mile High to face the Rockies. Winner goes to Philly, loser goes home. Wait, did I get that right?

Anyway, I’ll be live-blogging the ballgame over at Awful Announcing tonight, and my host will be live-blogging the NFL game, so where else could you possibly need to be? Put your TV on your game of choice, and read and comment on the live-blog for the other. Piece of cake.

It’s a service we provide for you. You should use it.


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